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Jurong Bird Park for kids

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There is a board-walk where visitors can stroll and observe the birds. Her narrative makes most interesting reading [click here to read it]. Any girl that goes to the balls within the first minute is a pro. From now till 30June, Jurong Bird Park is running a one-for-one ticket promotion.

In order to assist the Director of Education, B. Jurong Bird Park continues to be one of the "Must Do" experiences in Singapore.

Children's Day Special: My Favourite Holiday

Even though this is a very old wildlife park, it has many beautiful animals in unique, interactive environments. I was thankful for the tram ride that came with our 4 ParkHopper Pass that we purchased online (S$83 per adult)/5(22).

Learn more about Jurong Bird Park, Singapore’s first wildlife park and Asia’s largest bird park featuring more than 5, birds across species.

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Jurong Bird Park offers a haven for close to 3, birds across species, of which 20 percent are threatened. The park is famed for its large and immersive walk-in aviaries such as Lory Loft, Jungle Jewels and Waterfall Aviary.

Book your admission tickets directly with us to get discounted rates. Fukuoka | Japan Fukuoka | Japan.

Jurong bird park essay
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